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Death of Christ

Death of Christ

Christ was not raised from death. He was raised from the grave – burial. He did not raise himself Nope wrong? – I have power to take it up? Read on… This I have received of my father.

He died for our sins -that was his death. Is death more than the physical cessation of organs? Did he die a sinner’s death? Did he go to hell? Yes.

Burial brings closing to those alive. Gotta be more. His partaking of humanity. That’s where vicarious identifies with humanity. Death is common. Death is consequence, Death is dust to dust but he never saw dust (or corruption).

Being raised from death could by pass the physical ressurrection. Why is it all physical? Why is Christ eternally trapped in flesh? Why could Mary not touch him? Because he was not yet ascended to the Father? What does that mean?Was he real? Was he physical? Flesh and bone he said. Why no blood? He said flesh and blood to Peter regarding the revelation of him as Messiah Why were the grave clothes empty – because that body was gone. God took it.

every person buried sees corruption. If he had been raised 100 years later his body would have seen corruption,  Was Lazarus resurreceted? No. Resuscitated. The spirit had left his body and decay set in 4 days dead. Is it a resuscitation or a ressurrection in that Lazuraus had to die again, he also rotted. Soldier on Elijahs bone revived, the widow’s son of Zarpeta, Shumannite’s son, the widow’s son of Nain, Lazarus, Jairus’ daughtyer, Dorcas… 

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