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Our Media Page

Our Media Page

Atréo committed his life to Christ a few years ago and is a regular attendant at all our meetings sometimes canoeing for 5 days with wife and child to visit us. Pray for Atréo and his Chapra family.
Getting the Trinity right.
Marañon River in San Lorenzo, Peru
Masurashi is Chief Of Inca Roca the Chapra Community.
Pitur would be our first translator for the Wampis Bible
Road to Balsapuerto Pueblo Shawi
Audio Bibles Arriving
Raimundo fitting an earphone for elderly Shawi
Solar Powered Audio Bible Distribution in Shawi Language.
Pastor explaining MP3 player Functions.
Bible Institute is 70% Shawi
Heart of Hospitality – Shawi Kitchen
Shawi receiving the New Testament in their language on solar powered mp3 players
Desirous of God they made commitments to Him.
Wasato de Maiz -SHAWI AMAZONIA
DURING the preaching… this Chapra lady stopped me and said she needed to be saved NOW! She would not wait for an altar call. It was too urgent. …many immediately followed.
DURANTE la predicación… esa mujer Chapra me paró y dijo; “Necesito ser salva por Cristo AHORA! Me Urge!!! Muchos le siguieron a recibir Cristo.
In 50+ years of preaching I’ve had many kinds of interruptions but this was the first time the Holy Spirit gave the altar call without me. They just came while I was still preaching. Jesus is NEVER BORING! 

Sorry I was away for a while but…
20 minutes on the street in San Lorenzo, Peru
Trying to reach Chapra Territory today. Thanks for praying…
On the streets of San Lorenzo on the Marañon River in the Amazon Basin.
Today I leave Yurimaguas to bring audio bibles to my Chapra friend, Masorashi.
Hoy empiezo mi jornada visitar mi hermano Chapra Masorashi
Waiting for the audio bibles for the Chapra of the Amazon which is their only Hope (Jesus the Blessed Hope)
and He (Jesus) shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire.
On the Move
Shawi Believers receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Prayer at the Throne of God
Wally Shelton and Dan Vasquez


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