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Virgin Birth

Virgin Birth

1. If God created a fully fertilized egg (this means egg and sperm) then Mary did not participate biologically. she was a Surrogate only. 

Surrogate: a woman who carries to term an embryo conceived by another couple and transferred it to her uterus.

If there were true then Jesus is ONLY divine and could not have been the Son of Man (85 times in the NT), Son of David (16 times)  Son of Adam (1 time in the NT), Son of Abraham (3 times in the NT)  because Mary was only the carrier and not connected to the child. There would be no humanity.

2. If God genetically altered one of Mary’s eggs and turned an X chromosome into a Y. Mary, a female only has X chromosomes and a Y Chromosome is required to produce a male. If God changed her second X chromosome to a Y then all of the components of Jesus would be Mary’s and nothing divine Jesus would be a male clone of Mary and entirely human.

3. If God created a material sperm containing Jesus’ DNA which impregnated Mary’s human egg (conception) thus Christ is both human and divine. Son of Man and Son of God.

Doctrine of Docetism ( masked) claimed that Christ was fully divine but disguised as a human.

Other heresies denied his divinity and only accepted his humanity.

As a human he had a beginning. As a divine he had no beginning.

Jesus was both creator and creature within his own creation.

Matthew traced Jesus back to Abraham

Mark begins with Jesus at 30 years of age.

Luke takes Jesus back to Adam  Lu 3:38

John in the beginning he was already there. Gospel of John was written from Ephesus.

Hieracliatus the father of science used the word hologo (study of) as “the answer” being sought and thus all scientific categories end in “ology” John called Christ the LOGOS.

Alexandria Egypt had a greek university where Filo a Jewish philosopher come to took the idea of ologos and say God made all things through the hologos.?

Jesus became a man forever. He will not go back to being incarnate God. His humanity is eternal now..  The Godhead now has humanity in it.

What kind of flesh did Jesus become John 1:14

1. He entered physical flesh. Human flesh of hunger, pain, tears,

2. Jewish Flesh – a Jew. Anti semitism denies Christ

3. Male flesh – God is a Father, not a mother. Tempted in all manner like us.

4. His flesh was sinful flesh thus the immaculate conception idea come from Ro 8 

He was born in the likeness of sinful flesh. Phillipians 2 he was born in the image of man


he was not just bringing divinity into humanity but also took humanity into divinity.

God is now partly human. Christ the Son of the Godhead is permanently tainted with humanity.

Jesus is the only begotten of God and we are adopted.

Human mother and divine father would produce both.

He was a creator and became one of the creatures.

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