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Why The Bible Matters

For centuries people have tried to destroy what I have in my hand. It’s the Bible. The shape and means of communicating it may have changed over the years – from handwritten ink on papyrus to printing presses, to digital ebooks and cloud based online study bibles to what I now hold in my hand. This is the audio bible in MP3. It is the spoken bible designed for those who no access to books or Internet, who cannot read or may not even have an alphabet or who have no electricity to hear the gospel via radio or television. They live in the Amazon jungle. This is the same, one and only, unique and divinely inspired message from the creator to his creation. From God to man. It’s power, authenticity and veracity has been challenged since the beginning when Satan told Eve that God’s word wasn’t true and the fall of the entire human race resulted. This is the seed that has terrified tyrants through out history because they know that if they can destroy the seed, the Kingdom of God cannot sprout . A bible believing people cannot be enslaved. From Herod to Diocletian, Mussolini to Mao, Romanism to Communism, Existentialism to Post-modernism, all attempts to destroy the bible have failed. The Bible is still here. But there are those who have not yet heard its message and these are our target people. Our focus is the Amazon jungle where it is impossible to tell how many people live deep inside, hidden from view. But there are millions. God has given this message for everyone… including them. Perhaps the savage, unlearned, face-painted head hunters and unknown cultures of the jungle may not seem so important to reach but if the savage, unlearned, face-painted head hunters and unknown cultures of the Germanic Tribes and Kelts had never been reached with the gospel, there would be no America. This Word has, can, does and will change the world. It changed the past, it is active in the present and will literally shape the future long after we are gone. We want you to to help us put this into their hands. Literally and physically. These units carry no theology, no denominationalism, no political innuendos… just the Word of God. No clocks, no radio, no ability to record over or erase… only to play the Word of God. Our cost is currently $13.57 per unit delivered to the USA. We want to distribute at least 20 thousand in the year 2020. We have already begun translation work, completing some and endeavoring in others. We currently have over 90,000 potential recipients at this time between the Wampis, the Chapra and the Ticuna People. We need need finances to handle shipping and we need divine favor for honest importation avenues around the Amazon in either Brazil, Colombia, Peru or in all of them.

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