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Contending for the Faith


A study on New Age cult; Deception, Lies, N knowing Truth.

Cults differ widely from each other, of course, but they often have several characteristics in common. (Your local Christian bookstore can suggest some books that describe cults in more detail.) One c...

Why The Bible Matters

For centuries people have tried to destroy what I have in my hand. It’s the Bible. The shape and means of communicating it may have changed over the years – from handwritten ink on papyrus to pr...

Ticuna New Testament

Nuevo Testamento en Ticuna Working on the New Testament in Ticuna in Caballococha, PeruTraduciendo el Nuevo Testamento en el dialecto de Ticuna en Caballococha Working on the New Testament in Ticuna i...

Does the virgin birth of Christ matter?

James in Latvia

Incredibly patient. Sitting in Old town Riga while the girls look in the stores. James Doherty, one of a kind.

Dignata School of Justice, making Diciples around the World.

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