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Sinner Woman

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May 8, 2017 - 1:35am


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Four accounts.
Mt 26:12

Two perspectives.
One from the religious people and one from a thief.
One to destroy her,
One to use her.
The woman: Their Prey, Their victim. Their target. The focus of their attack.

Both parties looked at her as worth less then what Jesus valued her. God's value system: you must value something Greatly to give your life in payment for it.
Simon saw the un-redeemed woman.
Jesus saw the redeemed woman.
Simon noted where she had been
Jesus noted where she was going
Simon noted who she had been with
Jesus noted who she was going to be with
Simon saw her past
Jesus saw her future
Judas saw how he could manipulate her
Jesus told Judas he was trespassing on God’s property

The religious man sees works
The Wicked man sees himself
Jesus sees a redeemed life

She qualified.
Her repentance,
Her sacrifice of the ointment,
her service in wiping his feet with her hair,
her public adoration of Christ,
her willingness to be mocked and scorned,
her love for him was visible for all to see.

She was despised and rejected by men but honored by God.
In fact, she had been chosen by God to participate in Jesus’ most intimate act.. to die

She was anointing his body for burial. Not just perfume but passion, love, gratitude and devotion. All the thankfulness of one forgiven of much would be the symbol, the ensign and trademark of this gospel where ever it was preached. God and sinner reconciled.

The world wanted her trapped and locked in the reputation of her past but Jesus broke those chains and set her free from guilt, From shame, From disgrace and from hopelessness for ever.
Religious men will tell you you're not good enough.
Others will tell you; You are not valuable enough.
But Jesus contradicted both when he gave his very life... for you.
The relationship restored, the nightmare of the past resolved. This is God's desire and His very purpose in Christ; “To seek and to save that which is lost”.
Simon ridiculed her
Judas hoped to extort her.
Jesus made her testimony his trademark to be displayed wherever this gospel is preached. God and sinner reconciled.

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